Dual Camera Video Doorbell with Chime 2K - Over 190° Widest Field of View Removes Blind Spot, 5MP Wireless Doorbell Camera with Triple Detection, Battery Powered



Video Doorbell with Chime

  • Wider 190° Field of View – With two cameras facing forward and downward, Lindo video doorbell with chime pro dual camera’s field of view is over 190°, a 30% increase compared to other single-camera doorbells with a 160° fov.
  • Sharper 5MP Camera – Featuring more glass lenses, Lindo 5MP video doorbell with chime offers at least a 20% increase in clarity compared to traditional plastic 5MP lenses, and an impressive 50% boost over traditional 2K cameras.
  • Higher Detection Precision – Lindo employs a quadruple detection technology, including two sensors (PIR and Radar), a superior AI algorithm, and proprietary image recognition technology, ensuring false alarms are reduced to less than 1%.
  • Crisp Night Vision: Premium infrared lights and 3D noise reduction technology ensure night vision as crisp as day, guaranteeing around-the-clock safety. No more worries about nighttime intrusion.
  • IP67 Waterproofing – True Weather Resistant: Withstand extreme weather conditions like heavy downpours and storms. Lindo video doorbell with chime ensures reliable performance in any climate, while traditional IP65 doorbells can’t guarantee rain protection, which may impact the lifespan.